HistSci Exam 1 - Sexagesimal system: base 60, place value,...

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Sexagesimal system : base 60, place value, early Babylonian ~2000 BC, “Plimpton 322” (Pythagorean triples and approx. of root 2), earliest numerical written system. Now used in the Calander and our time keeping. Used in zig-zag functions for the sun and moons varying speeds. Smith papyrus : head trauma, and other medical procedures/ knowledge. If these symptoms then this. .., if these no treatment should be attempted just make them comfortable (recognized some wounds as fatal) . Early Egyptian 3 rd millennium BC. Information organized is of scientific category of observed data. More practical than theoretical, but shows forethought. Ontology : (aka Metaphysics) “the theory of being”; what exists, what is real, Pre-Socratic thought. Questioning our existence. Epistemology : “theory of knowledge” divided into Rationalism (of thought and theory) and Empiricism (of observation and senses). Heraclitus 500 BC believes in the ever changing fire (everything is in flux so knowledge is unattainable). Parmenides 470 BC “not being is unthinkable” and the theory of non-contradiction the apple can’t be red and green at the same time. So if it changes it cannot be understood. This is the way a philosopher viewed the world, through logic or senses. “Pythagorean” Triples : 3-4-5 Triangles, found on Plimpton 322 (1800 BC), Pythagorean School : 500 BC Samos then to S. Italy. Thought that being was based on whole rational numbers. Relationship between musical harmony and arithmetic proportion. “Math explains all attitude”. Pythagorean’s lived in 500 BC. Found the relationships of the sides of a triangle and were scared when a number was not rational. Found pi. First mathematics in the Mediterranean. Alexandria : 300 BC, Greeks, Asia Minor, and Arabians. Actual areas for teaching shows an actual institution. The Great Library. Major port of trade. Pre-Socratics : 500-600 BC, Elemental (Thales water, Anaximenes air, Heraclitus fire), Anaximander “apeiron”. Pythagorean school, Parmenides. Criticized mythology and few works survive. All from large cities of international trade. The two-sphere model : Eudoxus (390-337 BC) picture of the universe. Earth’s equator and tropic lines projected on to the fixed stars sphere. Other planets have their own spheres and axises of rotation. Precursor to 4 sphere model, explanation of hippopede (retrograde motion). Ecliptic
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HistSci Exam 1 - Sexagesimal system: base 60, place value,...

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