hist sci exam 2 review - HistSci/ILS 201 Review Questions...

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HistSci/ILS 201: Review Questions for the Second Hour Exam trivium and quadrivium- 1 st c BC basis of liberal arts. Pliny- 1 st c AD Natural History Natural History Boethius- wealthy roman that wanted to translate greek works into latin to preserve them 6 th c. and wrote on the liberal arts. Executed by Theodoric. Monasticism- 4c>>, began with copying texts and eventually the development of libraries and schools. Martianus Capella 5c critiqued the Triv/Quad Heavy plough 7 th c. 3-field crop rotation- 8 th c. only 1/3 lays fallow and the usage of lentils. More grazing lands so horses used more. Constantinople- 4c. capital of Byzantines, high volume of international trade. “Stagnate” but many documents un- translated. translation movements- Boethius 1c, Monastiscs 4c, Arabic and reverse, Nestorians- 5 th c, greek >> Syriac Maragha 13c, Observatory built for Tusi, by Hulegu Kan. School built up around it and contact with Chinese astronomers. The Tusi couple, two circles radius of big = diameter of smaller Abbasids- 8 th c. Arab dynasty, support learning, translation to Arabic, “House of Wisdom” Hunayn ibn Ishaq- 9 th c. Physician/ scientist. Medical and science greek>> arabic al-Kindi- 9 th c. Greek>>Arabic scientific. Falsafa- 9c. philosophy and extending greek works. Alhacen/Ibn al-Haytham- ~1000, astrology and science. Translated and worked on optics. Avicenna/Ibn Sina- ~1000, translated and wrote Medical works. Physician, still referred to today. Averroes/Ibn Rushd- 1200, Polymath
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hist sci exam 2 review - HistSci/ILS 201 Review Questions...

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