quiz 1 Fall 2007_revised

quiz 1 Fall 2007_revised - DIRECTIONS: KEEP YOUR COPY OF...

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DIRECTIONS: KEEP YOUR COPY OF THE EXAM FOR REFERENCE. MAKE SURE YOUR NAME AND I.D. NUMBER ARE ON OPSCAN SHEET. GEOLOGY 1004 Quiz 1 Fall 2007 Match the following: 1. SiO 4 tetrahedron 1. element with one proton 2. 10 -8 cm 2. 5 miles 3. paleontology 3. study of fossils 4. One kilogram in pounds 4. element with two electrons 5. hydrogen 5. negative charge of 4 6. first mineral to form in Bowen Reaction Series 6. olivine 7. SiO 2 (Si +4 O 2 -4 ) 7. Angstrom 8. 8 km 8. balanced compound 9. 2.2 units 10. 3 miles 9. The first six elements of the Periodic Table are: (1) H, He, Li, Be, B, C; (2) H, Li, Na, K, Rb; (3) H, Fe, Si, Ni, Ca, Al. 10. The radius of the earth is: (1) 6370 km; (2) 2900 km; (3) 200 km. 11. Assuming a geothermal gradient of 20˚C/km, the temperature at the center of the earth would be: (1) 127,400˚C; (2) 4000˚C, (3) 58,000˚C. 12. Is it true that an atom is the smallest possible particle of an element that retains the properties of that element? (1) TRUE (2) FALSE 13. Stable elements normally do not react with other elements. A common stable element is: (1) helium; (2) chlorine; (3) silicon. 14. Dissimilarities in abundances of elements between the sun and the earth's crust suggest that (1) the earth is unrelated to all other planets/stars; (2) the earth is older than the sun; (3) the earth is chemically zoned. 15.
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quiz 1 Fall 2007_revised - DIRECTIONS: KEEP YOUR COPY OF...

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