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Group # Name_________________________ Assignment #4 The case of the thirsty coed Case Summary: Rachel is a 19-year-old sophomore in college. She is majoring in biology and hopes someday to be a pediatrician. Beginning about a month ago, Rachel noticed that she was waking up once, sometimes twice a night, by the need to go to the bathroom. More recently, she has noticed that she needs to go to the bathroom during her school day much more frequently than before, sometimes as often as once every hour. At first Rachel thought that her increased frequency of urination was due to the coffee she drank, but when she reduced her coffee consumption to one cup in the morning, she still needed to go to the bathroom just as often. In addition, Rachel was buying bottled water by the case, and she found herself never without a beverage in her hand or nearby. She also noticed that her urine seemed pale and colorless.
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Unformatted text preview: Worksheet questions: (1) Define the problem carefully: (2) What are some possible reasons for Rachel’s frequent urination? What evidence would support or refute a given hypothesis. (3) List your hypotheses in order of importance to your group and begin investigating the case by asking questions of your instructors and/or the biology tutors regarding the results of various tests that might have been run. (4) Based on the results of the tests your group obtains and the answers to your questions, come to a conclusion regarding the cause of the problem. (5) Summarize the case in a one page, typed report that includes the problem, your hypotheses and tests that were run, the normal physiology and biological explanations of the problem in light of the normal physiology , and your conclusion and possible treatments....
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