Assignment___3__biol_119 - Group #3 Assignment #3 Names:...

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Group #3 Names: Assignment #3 The Case of the 14-year-old Girl with Cough and Breathing Difficulty A 14-year-old girl with a chronic disease has complained of an increased cough productive of green sputum over the last week. She also complained of being increasingly short of breath, and she is noticeably wheezing on physical exam. (1) Define the problem carefully: Pt complains of increased cough, producing green sputum X 7 days, and increased SOB . Wheezing is noticeable upon physical examination. (2) What are some possible reasons for her cough and breathing problems. What evidence would support or refute a given hypothesis. Asthma – Family history, previous asthma diagnosis, increased SOB with exercise or exposure to typical allergens. Bronchitis – X-ray shows swelling of bronchi, pertinent history of bronchitis, elevated WBC count, fever, rails upon auscultation, increased mucous production. Pneumonia – Elevated WBC count, fever, headache, X-ray shows signs of pneumonia, increased mucous production. Emphysema – History of smoking, exposure to high levels of second hand smoke, decreased peripheral blood flow, low O2 sat levels. Cyanosis. Bacterial infection – Increased WBC count, positive reaction to antibiotics,
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Assignment___3__biol_119 - Group #3 Assignment #3 Names:...

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