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Exam 2 Notes - Central Nervous System Consists of spinal...

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Central Nervous System Consists of spinal cord and brain Nerves that extend out of CNS are part of PNS (peripheral nervous system) Cranial nerves and spinal nerves Anatomically – white (myelinated axons; found in outer parts of spinal cord and inner parts of cerebral cortex)and grey (mainly dendrites and neuron cell bodies) matter Functions of Spinal Cord: conduct signals to/from brain (via pathways along ascending tracts), coordination of locomotion, and helps control reflex activity Reflex = any involuntary, automatic, motor response to a stimulus BRAIN: What does brain do with sensory input? Receive, process, and integrate sensory input Each area of the body maps onto a particular location on the body, specifically Makes decisions about sensory input and then causes and coordinates motor response Impulse from brain travel to spinal cord along descending tracts, to effectors via cranial nerves Each area dedicated (haha) and specialized to regulating and coordinating particular responses Anions – negative, Cations – positive, intracellular fluid – inside cell, extracellular fluid – outside, both have ions Voltage = magnitude of charge difference between two locations Electric potential – unequal distribution of charged molecules between two locations, potential energy Current – flow of electrical charges Impulses – current from ion flow across membranes Membrane Potentials : any potential across membrane due to unequal distribution
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Exam 2 Notes - Central Nervous System Consists of spinal...

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