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Chris Hansen Disc 305 Disscussion 9: Photosynthesis Homework – Read the Science policy paper by Chisholm, Falkowski and Cullen and answer the following questions before class. 1. Explain the concept of ocean fertilization in one or two sentences. Why are researchers proposing doing it? By increasing the amount of phytoplankton in the oceans, my intentional fertilization, more CO2 could be fixed and deposited in deep ocean reserves. Much of the organic molecules fixed by the phytoplankton is used as nutrients on the surface, but a significant portion sinks to the bottom of the sea. By increasing the amount of CO2 fixed by the phytoplankton, the atmospheric concentrations of CO2 would be lowered helping to counter act what is produced by industry and individuals. 2. Researchers have already carried out some small-scale ocean fertilization experiments. What are the results of these experiments? The experiments showed that the addition of small amount of iron increased the
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