A Nation of Immigrants

A Nation of Immigrants - b The Knights of Labor and the...

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The City and its Workers; 1870-1900 I. Introduction II. The Rise of the City a. The Urban Explosion, a Global Migration b. Racism and the Cry for Immigration Restriction c. The Social Geography of the City III. At Work in the City a. America’s Diverse Workers b. The Family Economy: Women and Children c. Managers and White Collars d. “Typewriters” and Salesclerks IV. Workers Organize a. The Great Railroad Strike of 1877
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Unformatted text preview: b. The Knights of Labor and the American Federation of Labor c. Haymarket and the Specter of Labor Radicalism d. Domesticity and “Domestics” e. Cheap Amusements V. City Growth and City Government a. Building Cities of Stone and Steel b. City Government and the “Bosses” c. White City of City of Sin? VI. Conclusion: Who Built the Cities?...
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