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How the West Was Won and To the Reservation (Ch 18)

How the West Was Won and To the Reservation (Ch 18) - b The...

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The West in the Gilded Age; 1870-1900 I. Introduction: II. Gold Fever and the Mining West a. Mining on the Comstock Lode b. Territorial Government III. Land Fever a. Moving West: Homesteaders and Speculators b. Ranchers and Cowboys c. Tenants, Sharecroppers, and Migrants d. Commercial Farming and Industrial Cowboys IV. A Clash of Cultures a. The Diverse Peoples of the West
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Unformatted text preview: b. The Final Removal of the Indians c. The Dawes Act and Indian Land Allotment d. The Last Acts of Indian Resistance e. The West of the Imagination V. Conclusion: The West, and Integral Part of Gilded Age America Inserts I. Hydraulic Mining II. Cripple Creek, Colorado III. Young Women Homesteaders and the Promise of the West...
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