Lecture Notes (America's Triumph)

Lecture Notes (America's Triumph) - 1 The Home Front 2 War...

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1. The Home Front 2. War in Europe a. US agreed that this war should be in Europe b. US maintains territory in Pacific i. Japan was not at the place to attack c. US industrial might and support is so that we could have plenty of supplies and soldiers i. Would be capable of holding off the Japanese d. In order to win in Europe we had to beat U-boats i. Sank more than 2,700 merchant ships ii. Radar allowed allies to locate submarines 1. allowed US to continue to supply goods to the Allies 2. also able to locate planes from Germany wanting to bomb GB e. Germany and Japan launched a campaign against the USSR June 1941 i. 1939 – Germany signed a non-aggression Pact w/ USSR ii. Gained Poland and other countries f. Germany needed supplies i. Food production in Ukraine ii. Oil reserves iii. Resources convinced Germ. To break agreement g. Stalin – adamantly pressed Roosevelt and Churchill to open up a 2 nd front in Europe i. At the beginning of Germ. Invasion, Germany seemed to have the upper hand ii. Stalin wanted help h. European Theater of WWII, 1942-45 i. Stalin wanted GB and US to involve France 1. were planning on doing that already but not so soon ii. in 1930s Stalin “purged” 3 million people because they were “traitors” iii. GB and US decide on an invasion of North Africa 1. Oct 1942 – GB forced halted forced to take the Suez Canal 2. Nov. 1942 – US army under Eisenhower landed in
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Lecture Notes (America's Triumph) - 1 The Home Front 2 War...

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