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Lecture Notes (From Isolation to World War)

Lecture Notes (From Isolation to World War) - Definitions...

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Definitions Socialism – a political/economic theory; gov’t owns production; doesn’t just have to be factories, but can extend to health care and post office; cooperation in place of competition Communism – different sorts of communism o Applies to the movement that aims to overthrow capitalist order by revolutionary means o A system of social organization in which property (esp. real property and the means of production) is held in common In practice communism is a very total socialistic gov’t In theory works like socialism; has never worked in action; usually turns to be controlled by one person or one group of persons Fascism – totalitarian philosophy; glorifies the state and nation and assigns to the state control over every aspect of national life o Involved burning books many times o Individual is not important o Strong leader o Social darwinism Legacy of WWI Many thought U.S. joining was a mistake o No reason or profit League of Nations failed w/out US involvement People wanted no more future “entanglements” o Don’t get involved w/ European wars
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