Atomic Bomb (11-6)

Atomic Bomb (11-6) - o Big red line/German separation stood...

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Atomic Bomb o 20,000 lbs of TNT o 250,000 Americans might lose their lives if they didn’t drop the bomb Same for the Japanese o 200-300 thousand die from the bomb o Lead to surrender on August 14 o Japanese officially signed on September 2 nd o War results to a question? What do we do w/ all the other states. US and Russia/USSR armies meet in Germany o Cold War begins If normal was is hot then this was is cold US and USSR mass produce A-bombs and they are just as afraid of us as we are of them Post War o The Division of Europe o American Forces rush into Germany
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Unformatted text preview: o Big red line/German separation stood for about another 40 years o Fed of 1945 FDR meets w/ Stalin and British duke Stalin still mad at US for waiting to help o Winston Churchill thought he got a bad deal out of this plan o Russia promises US they will help fight the Japanese Russia finally attacks w/ invasion of o FDR dies April 12, 1945 o VP Harry S. Truman takes over o Stalin lets E. Europe run w/ communism o Stalin will kill 300 million o Fear of Communism results...
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