Vietnam, 1950-1975 (11-20)

Vietnam, 1950-1975 (11-20) - o Ends up to be a tactical...

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The “Johnson Treatment” o Took military units from Europe to wage war in Vietnam o After Kennedy’s death o Johnson escalates the war o Pushes welfare and medicare Cost money o Promotes good programs but tends to get his way by brown beating politicians (bullying) Weird sense of intimidation o Robert McNamara CEO of ford Left for Secretary of defense Liked statistics (didn’t pay attention to other things) Kill ratio o 1967 – 500,000 American troops were sent to Vietnam Problem w/ Weapons o Helicopters had little armor o M16 was not as reliant as the AK-57 William Westmoreland o Thought we would wear them out o End of 1967 people began to wonder why we were still there o Johnson didn’t want to get China involved so he stays back from North Vietnam o 1968 North Vietnam and supporters in the South on one of their holidays attacked all out on the US
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Unformatted text preview: o Ends up to be a tactical failure 8 out of 10 soldiers dies o Politically turns the US against the war effort o Makes Westmoreland look dumb for saying that he could see the light at the end of the tunnel • The Election of 1968 o (R) Richard Nixon won Promised a secret plan to end the war o Hubert H. Humphrey (D) o Vietnamisation The ARVN (the army of SV) were to be trained, strengthened, and brought up by the US army • To fight against NV • Nixon continued to bomb NV so they come to surrender o Brings them to the table • 1969-1973 US takes troops out of NV • March 29 th 1973 • January 27 th 1973 sign treaty (cease fire) • 1975 NV launch a full scale attack on SV • April 30, 1975 o Tanks of NV take over the capital of SV • 2 million died on both sides • US lost the war...
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Vietnam, 1950-1975 (11-20) - o Ends up to be a tactical...

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