study questions for biology

study questions for biology - 1. What is science? Include a...

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1. What is science? Include a definition of the "natural world" in your definition. 2. We discussed three ways in which individual humans acquire and accept knowledge. Describe each of them. For each way, describe a situation in which it is the preferred way to know something 3. Individual humans combine all three ways of knowing things that you described in Question 2 above. Science allows only reason as a way to generate knowledge about the natural world. Give at least one reason for this rule. 4. The scientific method is an instinctive process that humans use to understand the physical world. Describe the four basic steps of the scientific method? Is the scientific method used today? Explain. 5. We discussed three operating assumptions under which the scientific method has come to operate. State these assumptions and for each, discuss how it helps the scientific method work. 6. Several statements are listed below. Discuss how each is or is not a good scientific hypothesis. For each, how would you test the hypothesis? For those you can test, what control would you use? a. The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. This is testable because you can test the rain patterns in specific parts of Spain. It is a good scientific hypothesis. You would use the plain as a control. b. Endangered species must be protected from extinction. This is a good hypothesis because if endangered species become extinct, then entire species of the earth’s animal population will no longer exist. c.
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study questions for biology - 1. What is science? Include a...

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