1920s ads - Throughout the 1920s, advertisements were...

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Throughout the 1920s, advertisements were targeted towards all citizens. Manufactures assumed that if their ads were more appealing and applied to everyday life, people would be more inclined to buy the product. Holiday ads especially influenced consumers to buy the products that advertisers portrayed as the most popular, top of the line, and best for you. Often, ads tried to depict society as something it was not, but should be. Themes such as family togetherness, giving, and celebrity endorsements are prevalent in the ads which I have reviewed. This was before the advent of market analysis on a large scale and did not include the multimedia in later years and today In the world of advertisement, the marketers aim was to show their products as something that will help make life easier. By showing pictures of families smiling and spending time with each other, the ads seem to portray life in the 1920s for most citizens incorrectly. A Canada Dry ad from 1928 has a “class image” due to an “upper scale setting”. Advertisers realized that consumers would rather identify themselves with upper class citizens rather than their actual status. (Milligan, 122). The ad shows a family in a formal living room, elegantly decorated for the holidays, as a man toasts to everyone with a champagne glass of Canada Dry. The ad describes Canada Dry as the champagne of ales, giving it a classy look that will make consumers want this beverage, along with
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1920s ads - Throughout the 1920s, advertisements were...

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