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animal rights final draft

animal rights final draft - Melissa Damon Dr Lewis English...

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Melissa Damon Dr. Lewis March 19, 2006 English 202 B-002- Final Draft People Eating Meat: Was It Always Meant To Be? The question of how animals should be treated in today's society is one that has been disputed between many animal rights activists as well as everyday people. Should all animals have "equal consideration" as Peter Singer states in his book Animal Liberation? Or are some animals meant to eat other animals regardless of the victim's supposed pain and suffering? These questions are not easily answered, however are traceable back to two ancient theories: creation and evolution. People, with the proof of our mental developments and capabilities, were always meant to and always will be meat-eaters. Many people have chosen to stop eating meat for many reasons. People, especially in the past one-hundred years or so, have become obsessed with body image and, as a result, many have taken the initiative to become vegetarians for health reasons. They believe that consuming meat is fattening and will make them inevitably gain weight. Often times, however, people choose to stop eating meat and other animal products for personal and/or religious reasons. Several vegans believe that meat, as well as other animal products, should not be consumed because of the sometimes cruel treatment of the animals in the slaughtering process. Regardless of their reasoning, there are many reasons why human beings have eaten meat in the past and will continue to do so in the future. These reasons, however, have more to do with how we have developed as human beings and less to do with our personal beliefs and preferences. 1
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The correct definition of the theory of evolution can be defined as "a gradual process by which something changes into a different and usually complex, or better form," (dictionary.com). If this is true, then why haven't certain species' brains and/or bodies developed to the capacity that humans possess? At least, to the point where they are able to think in ways that allow them to achieve their own sense of comfort (i.e. where they want to be; such as running wild instead of being cooped up in a cage or pasture)? If animals have evolved into “better” versions of themselves from thousands of years ago then why are they still able to be taken advantage of for food and entertainment
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animal rights final draft - Melissa Damon Dr Lewis English...

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