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war final draft - Melissa Damon Dr Lewis April 9 2006...

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Melissa Damon Dr. Lewis April 9, 2006 English 202B-001-Final Draft of Common Ground Paper Wanted: QUALITY SOLDIERS How would you feel if you knew that every soldier who used to fight in previous wars, or is currently fighting for America was under qualified or just not quite up-to-par on specific military know-how, as they should be? Regardless of what people have to say about whether or not there needs to be a draft reinstated soon, one point is for sure: America needs to have quality soldiers. Whether or not they are part of a volunteer or drafted force, our soldiers need to be trained to the best of their abilities. This is very crucial to America’s well being because without top-quality soldiers, we aren’t giving America back what it has done for us as citizens. In a recent interview Clive McFarlane, a , had with Col. Henry Cyr Jr. (director of the Burncoat High School Air Force Junior ROTC program), Col. Cyr states, “…too many people are opting out of life…they do not even vote anymore…they aren’t giving back to their community…this should concern us,” (McFarlane, 2006). Many members of the volunteer force have been recruited in a hurry, and as a result, have been rushed into service. In addition, many soldiers have become wary of volunteering for service due to the Iraqi conflict and present-day war. In a recent Chicago Tribune article written by Michael Kilian and Deborah Horan, recruitment officer Sgt. Justin Ramsey tried to persuade John Gentry, a freshman at a community college in Portland, Oregon to join the Marines; yet even though Gentry seemed interested in the 1
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money he might earn, he responded with “I wouldn’t sign up if I had to go to Iraq…why am I going to risk my life for political [nonsense],” (Horan and Kilian, 2005). According to Sgt. Armin Englerth, an Army recruiter, these responses are typical: “I get a lot of the “we’re at war” response…there’s no great way to address it…I’m not going to tell them they won’t go because it’s the luck of the draw,” (Horan, Kilian, 2005). Due to the increased wariness in possible recruitment responses, often times soldiers with more experience are serving repeated terms to make up for the shortage in younger volunteers. Ann Scott Tyson of The Washington Post , states in her article Army Having Difficulty Meeting Goals in Recruits; Fewer Enlistees are in Pipeline; Many Being Rushed into Service, “…its [the Army’s] ability to draw recruits is critical to the nation's preparedness to fight current and future wars…it can sustain its ranks through retaining more experienced soldiers…but if too few young recruits sign up, the force will begin to age,” (Tyson, 2005). Regardless, however, of the fact that many of these men currently fighting are older than America’s military forces would like, they are not planning on settling for lower-quality men anytime soon. Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey explains, “We may
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war final draft - Melissa Damon Dr Lewis April 9 2006...

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