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ITM 309—Business Information Systems and Technology Michigan State University - Fall 2007 Instructor Information: Name: Dr. Frederick A. Rodammer Office: N236 North Business Complex Office Hours: Monday: 10:15-11:30 Wednesday: 10:15-11:30 By appointment Office Phone: 355-0309 Office Fax: 432-1101 E-mail: Course: Faculty Through ANGEL Direct to Dr. Rodammer: [email protected] Required Textbook: 1) Business Driven Information Systems, 2008, Baltzan and Phillips (Including the two CDs which accompany the textbook) 2) Course Content in Angel. We will use everyday in class. Web page : http://angel.msu.edu Statement on Academic Integrity and Honor Code: It is assumed that all work done for credit will be the result of the individual’s or authorized group’s unaided effort. Anyone who either gives or receives unauthorized assistance in the preparation of work at home or during tests in class will be subject to disciplinary action under the provisions and policies set forth by Michigan State University. Your signature on any piece of submitted work will provide assurance that you have neither given nor received any unauthorized help in its preparation. Honor Code : A committee representing undergraduates has finalized our Broad School Honor Code. This Honor Code will serve as our ethical guideline for ITM 309. The full text for the Undergraduate Student Honor Code can be found at the following url: 1
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http://www.bus.msu.edu/information/news.cfm?newsid=767 Course Overview and Course Objectives Organizations are increasingly complex as they transact and collaborate with a diverse set of customers and vendors. Products and services are created with shorter life cycles using a distributed workforce where employees, customers, vendors all may be located anywhere around the globe. Information systems play a critical role in ensuring that the information needed to support such complex enterprises is available and can be effectively used. This course will help you develop systems thinking—the ability to understand the complexity of a business enterprise by systematically examining the business processes underlying the enterprise and the flow of information within and between such processes. Specifically, the ITM 309 course objectives are: 1. Learn about the role of information systems in improving business performance. 2. Understand the different types of information technologies and how they are used in business organizations. 3. Understand the principles of effective information technology management and use by individuals and organizations. Information Technology Skills Information Technology skills taught in ITM 309 will enable students to: 1. Be able to model business processes and simulate financial and operational effects of a technological change on a business process.
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