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field task 1 - Greater Johnstown School District Middle...

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Greater Johnstown School District Middle School- Grades 6,7,8 Field Trip 1 After visiting Johnstown Middle School, I have a better understanding of what the school is really like. Classified as a “Distressed City”, Johnstown educates many poverty stricken children. The data that I collected from online resources prior to visiting the middle school proved to be correct and up to date. Mr. Trotz, the principal of the middle school, provided us with a short summary of the students and the school. In the middle school, 441 out of 636 students are White, 182 are Black, 8 are Hispanic, and 4 are from other backgrounds. The websites that I viewed were not as blunt in saying that the school took in many poverty stricken students. However, I was aware that Johnstown was an underprivileged area and had an idea as to what the students would probably be like. The one single learning environment that hit me the hardest was the alternative learning school. Located in the basement, and laughed at as the “dungeon”, the alternative school facilitates emotional support children along with students who can not focus in a normal classroom. Some students in the alternative school are straight A students, but can not learn as fast as “normal” students or can not pay attention in a “normal” classroom. The alternative school consists of two rooms, each heavily under construction with scaffolding, unpainted walls, ceilings that are torn apart, and an old gym floor. The rooms are lined with older computers along the walls and tables in the center of the room. There are no decorations and no windows. The principal even commented that the rooms are very un-stimulating. He also explained that other school districts can send their emotional support and slower learners to Johnstown’s alternative school for a price.
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There are two shifts of students that come in each day; middle school students in the morning and high school students in the afternoon. Each student spends about 4 hours on the computer completing assignments on an educational program called Plato. The staff insisted that Plato is top of the line and a good way for the students to learn.
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field task 1 - Greater Johnstown School District Middle...

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