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allegory of the cave - These two works are connected...

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Amanda Heywood HP 1000-01 Professor Harris 2/13/08 Ishmael vs Allegory of the Cave In Ishmael , Ishmael says that his subject is ‘captivity.’ By this, he means that he is trying to figure out how everything came to be in the universe. His goal is to determine the order of which everything came into being when he speaks to the narrator of the book. In The Allegory of the Cave, the prisoners who are being held captive represent the mind and the imagination, which are being held captive in the cave. They are held captive by the restraint and the will of those outside the cave and those guarding the cave to not believe in the power of the mind.
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Unformatted text preview: These two works are connected because Ishmael talks about the captivity of the world as a whole, while Allegory of the Cave talks about how the mind is held captive in the cave because of the beliefs of those that are guarding it. Both stories have themes of philosophy. The king in Allegory of the King understands the sun, which represents good and all that is good in the world. Ishmael the gorilla understands the deep philosophical ideas of the universe even though he is an animal, and tries to get the narrator to understand deeper his thoughts about the differences between animals and humans, and the creation of the universe....
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