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Flora Vo 10 September 2007 TA: Adrianna? 2-7 Lab 2: Specialty Staining and Gramstaining 1) What are we doing today? a. Learning how to use aseptic techniques in the lab b. Learning how to prepare a smear from solid media c. Learning how to do a gram stain 2) Why is it important? a. Aseptic techniques are important in the lab because we do not want to let the studied microorganisms out or the foreign microorganisms in. In addition, we want to work safely because some of the studied microorganisms are pathogenic to us. b. Especially in microbiology, it is important to know how to prepare a smear
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Unformatted text preview: because we are studying microorganisms. Smearing is one of the most basic techniques in the lab, and it will build a foundation to more advance methods of studying microorganism. c. The gram stain is one of the most common stains, and it will allow us to differentiate between Gram negative bacteria and Gram positive bacteria. Gram positive bacteria have a thick cell wall that retains the violet dye better. Gram negative bacteria have a thinner cell wall and a lipopolysaccharide layer, which turns pink during the Gram stain....
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