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Flora Vo 30 September 2007 Mcro 251L, Monday 9-11 2-7, Adriana Lab 5: Selective and Differential Media: Biochemical Characteristics of Bacteria 1. What are we doing today? a. This lab will investigate the results of the Lab 4, determining the results of bacterial conjugation and titration of a bacteriaphage. b. This lab will illustrate the many different types of media used to select and/or differentiate among different strains of bacteria, which is possible through the biochemical characteristics of bacteria. 2. Why is this important? a. Bacterial conjugation is an essential technique in microbiology which is used to create bacteria with resistance, selective markers, and the like. These conjugated bacteria can be used for future study and be exploited to help society. b. The titration of a bacteriaphage will help us calculate the amount of virus in a
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Unformatted text preview: solution, which will be important if there was an unknown amount of virus, and someone must determine the amount to predict it’s effect. c. Students need to understand that differentiation and selection are much more complicated than simple gram stains or bacteria resistant to penicillin. Therefore, scientist must find ways to distinguish different bacteria. Understanding the biochemical reactions of bacteria will help scientists create new media to select a trait or distinguish bacteria. In addition, as we research new types of bacteria that do not respond to current media, we must invent new media and facilitate different chemical reactions to enable us to distinguish bacteria....
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