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Flora Vo 7 March 2008 Kiyoung Chang Paper 5 The security dilemma asserts that governments accumulate military power and occasionally stumble into conflict although conflict is unwanted on both sides. Security is most thoroughly explained using the prisoner’s dilemma, where two states, State A and State B, inevitably choose to build arms because they live in an anarchic system. State A cannot trust its security with the seemingly peaceful intentions of its rival, State B, especially if the rival has chosen to build arms for defense purposes. As a result, State A will see State B’s accumulation of military power was a veiled act of aggression. Therefore, State A will also build arms for defensive purposes, and now, both states feels threatened and will eventually stumble into a war neither wants. Democracies and international organizations reduce the severity of the security dilemma
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Unformatted text preview: by creating a general feeling of security and legitimacy. Democracies rarely fight democracies, and in addition, democracies appear to be more prone to peace. Rather than going to war, two democracies would most likely dispute and resolve their differences with words. Democratic constraints on the state’s leader inhibit him from fighting a war with another democracy, which is a rare occurrence because democratic norms cause states to perceive each other is peaceful. International organizations mitigate the dilemma by creating an arena to settle conflict, and therefore prevent war. International organization should provide collective rule enforcement which will make states more secure. Ideally, there should be an all against all, and no state would want to use force because of the consequences....
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