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Microbiology lab 11

Microbiology lab 11 - b Again we will see the effectiveness...

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Flora Vo Mcro 251L Adrianna, 2-7 Lab 11: Control of Microbial Growth II and Aggulation 1. What are we doing today? a. We are looking at the blood agar and Sabourand agar plates to compare microbial growth. b. We are testing the effectiveness of common household disinfectant and antiseptics. c. We are learning how to perform an aggulation test to determine the presence of the Salmonella antibody. 2. Why is it important? a. We will see the effectiveness of tricolsan, alcohol, soap, and not washing. We can see the different types of bacteria on our hands and also determine which method is the most efficient. In addition, studies have shown that tricolsan can exhibit selection pressure, and if used long-term, it can create dangerously resistant bacteria. However, this wouldn’t be common since one would assume a person would use a mix of soap, tricolsan, and alcohol to disinfect.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Again, we will see the effectiveness of household cleaners and antiseptics. Many factors play into their ability to kill/inhibit organisms, such as the concentration, time, and presence of other compounds that will inhibit the active ingredient. Also, the bacteria itself can be less harmed by the active ingredient if there is a capsule or a mechanism to resist it. c. Salmonella is a widely known bacteria species, and there have been many Salmonella scares/contamination in the food industry. Learning to test for Salmonella enterica will give us insight into how doctors test patients for specific bacteria. We must understand that different bacteria require different tests, and if the bacteria don’t respond to the current tests, we must research the organism biologically and chemically for an identifying test....
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