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discussion question - change in length The calculations...

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Calculate an estimate of the final gauge length for each sample using its stress-strain curve. compare these estimates with the measurements you made by putting the broken samples back together. After observing the stress-strain curve for brass, calculating the final gauge length involved taking the strain and multiplying it by the original gauge length to find the
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Unformatted text preview: change in length. The calculations were: ε = Δl/l .27 = Δl/4.0614 Δl =1.096578 cm 4.0614 + 1.096578 = 5.16 cm This value is very close to the measured value 5.252 cm. The percent error is : | 5.252 – 5.16 | / 5.16 * 100 = 9.2 %...
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