aaa EPO - SCC-097-05 10/15/06 “Win At All Cost”...

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SCC-097-05 10/15/06 “Win At All Cost” Cheating in sports has become more widespread in a wide variety of sports today because, it is much easier to athletes have found new was to take short cuts nowadays. Advances in biochemistry, medicine, and other fields have benefited humanity in countless ways. Unfortunately, the modern era has also witnessed explosive growth of the usage of performance enhancing drugs. Performance enhancing drugs have been abused for many years now and every year a hand full of top athletes get caught taking performance enhancing drugs. Erythropoietin also known as “EPO” is a performance enhancing drug that has been used for many years in competitive cycling. Every time before a big road race you might hear that some racer or racers were unable to race because they didn’t past the drug test. Why would professional cyclist take the chances of getting caught taking erythropoietin and also ending their cycling career? First off erythropoietin is a performance enhancing drug that athletes use to raise their red blood cell counts. Athletes at first thought that if they take a low dosage of EPO daily it will not give test results high enough to show that they are taking extra EPO. Doctors thought that an athlete to pass a test because, EPO is a hormone secreted by the kidney that stimulates the bone marrow to increase red blood cell production naturally increasing the hemoglobin. So when a racer takes in more EPO then supplied naturally in the body it makes the racer ride faster without working harder. This gives the racers on a
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aaa EPO - SCC-097-05 10/15/06 “Win At All Cost”...

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