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aaa FYE Icy Sparks - September 11, 2006 FYE Class Icy...

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September 11, 2006 FYE Class Icy Sparks My first book I had to read for college was Icy Sparks ; our freshman class from Lees McRae had to read this for our summer reading. The book by Gywn Rubio was kind an outline of what happened in her life; she formed this girl to be like her when she was a little girl. Her father was also a writer and he had two books published under his name, but after the first one he started to drink heavily and it brought him to his death. Gwyn Rubio lives in the mountains of Kentucky and she also based the book from it too. The book was talking about how Icy was growing up trying to have self-acceptance in the town. The problem she is having is that she has turrets syndrome. Icy lived a very similar life as I did in my freshman year in high school. My freshman year in middle school was hard because everyone had something to prove. It seem like it was a game to see who can be in the cool crowed. I found my group of friends finally in sixth grade but I was still made fun of because how skinny I was. My parents told me to ignore all the rude comments but it was so hard not to say anything because, you want to stand up for yourself and not be put down by your peers. With Icy on the other hand she suffer from a savvier case of turrets syndrome and she would have
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aaa FYE Icy Sparks - September 11, 2006 FYE Class Icy...

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