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aaa Gun Control - from guns The gun industry has the...

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RHE 01-101 April 18, 2007 Gun Control After the tragedy we have faced with the Virginia Tech Shooting, I would like to address the facts about gun control. In the article I read on Children and Guns: Advocacy Groups Speak Out, I found that when the gun control and the pro-gun advocacy groups explain there concerns I on children and guns, the images they describe could not be any more different. A big organization Children’s Defense Fund or (CDF) thinks gun control is a big problem right now. They see that is a kid kills their self because of a troubled family, troubled child, or and thing else that could make you stressful but; also they see that a gun can make any situation more lethal. Some organizations see that technology is the answer to save Childers’s lives
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Unformatted text preview: from guns. The gun industry has the ability to make guns that will not operate in the hands of children or other nonauthorized users. This will make any action move be no more, if you think about it. Pro-gun groups are disagreeing with the gun control groups because; the gun control groups are saying that the key factor in the youth violence is the youth access to guns. Although they do not view guns as a significant underlying cause of youth violence, pro-gun groups do promote some measures aimed at reducing unsupervised access to guns. Even though that both sides don’t really agree on things, both sides agree on one thing that most often they are bitter adversaries....
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