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RHE 01-101 April 20, 2007 Where the Guns Come From: The Gun Industry and Gun Commerce The article that I read was talking about how guns in the United States are manufactured, marketed, and sold. I wanted to find out how the guns were sold or distributed illegally. Some how these weapons that are meant to protect others and save peoples lives are being use to kill innocent people. First off the domestic gun manufacturing industry is relatively small because the many gun stores and retail stores have experienced a decline in sales in recent years. A lot the industry now has a significant political clout and a larhe market for its products, and has engaged in aggressive marketing to youth. Why is the industry trying to market guns
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Unformatted text preview: to the youth? Well the licensed firearms dealers have noticed that there has been a slump in the gun sales in there store. However has anyone noticed why some dealers are doing extremely well? One thing is that the dealer might not be licensed and they are also combined with little or no regulation of private sales between gun owners. This means that guns can quickly move from the legal gun market into the illegal black market. Once these guns get into the black market, then they can be acquired by young people. The top pick for a hand gun in the illegal market is small, inexpensive, poorly made small handguns, and the youth and criminals are primarily attracted to these guns....
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