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aaa Happiness

aaa Happiness - happiness into people’s lives because all...

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His 115 11/20/06 Happiness Happiness is in many peoples lives everyday. People seek happiness to make it easier to get trough their day or to forget problems that are in their lives. People to things to make them happy or comfortable, some might think the only way to be happy you can either watch comedy movies, eat your favorite food, play your favorite sport, video games, watching your favorite T.V show that night, and much more stereotypical things. However there are other things that are addictive that can also make you happy like smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, drinking alcohol, doing illegal drugs, and even violence. Me on the hand is seeks God as my happiness because, I am a Christian and if I can pray and look upon God to make things better in life I know that I don’t have to worry about someone not being there for me. I know I did not list God as a way of bring
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Unformatted text preview: happiness into people’s lives because, all those things are material things and material things can be lost. When that thing is lost I might never be found again and it will also never make you happy. You can not rely on material things to make you have happiness because; you can always get bored of it and just get the new and better thing. God on the other hand is always there for you and you don’t have to pay for it to make you happy. You do not need any special tools to believe or any special programs to start seeing to effect of how god changes you life, all you have to do it believe in yourself and in God. Lastly I have noticed that Freud does not seem as happy as Lewis because, someone has Lewis’ back in life and that someone is God....
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