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aaa Ready to Rumble - Jackson RHE 01-101 February 2, 2007...

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Jackson RHE 01-101 February 2, 2007 Ready to Rumble On a brisk October afternoon I saw all of my friends gathering at the bottom of North Oaks Dr. the road that I lived on. The house that I grew up in was a white two story house with black shutters and the road that the house was on got its name because of the gargantuan Oak tree that was at the corner of my yard. Well when I saw my friends down the road I dashed into the house to put on my hockey outfit. My hockey outfit consisted of my acid washed jeans with rips and holes on the knees of the pants. Then I grab my Detroit Red Wings jersey that was way too big for me at the time and then I put that on. After I got my hockey outfit on I ran to the garage door, grabbed my Michael Jordan hat then put it on my head backwards with my hair sticking out over the strap in the front. Once I got in to the garage I sat down at the steps and stuffed my feet in to my all black Rollerblades that everyone had because if you didn’t have the Rollerblades then you were not one of the cool kids on the block. Finally I laced the skates up and I was ready to play some street hockey, but I almost forgot my hockey stick. You cannot play hockey without a hockey stick, well unless if you are fighting in the game which we never did. So I grabbed my wooden hockey stick with the purple blade on it and I was ready to rumble. I franticly started to skate up my driveway and took a left and when I take the left
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aaa Ready to Rumble - Jackson RHE 01-101 February 2, 2007...

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