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Geology 111 Section 12 Chapter 3 I read about Alfred Wegener on this website. Alfred Wegener was the German meteorologist who proposed a comprehensive model of continental drift and presented geologic evidence in support of the idea. He is known for his theory of continental drift and his many expeditions to Greenland in which he measured the thickness of the ice. He is also known for his papers on lunar craters, in which he said that they were the result of impact rather than volcanic in origin. His book "The Origin of Continents and Oceans" contained extended accounts of his ideas on continental drift, and is the basis for the well established theory of plate tectonics. Wegener died while leading a major expedition to Greenland. Chapter 4 I read about how the Earth releases its internal heat by convecting. Hot asthenospheric mantle rises to the surface and spreads laterally. I found it interesting how they compared
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