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Geology 111 Section 12 In this write up I learned more about the specifics of Magma. Magma is located not only beneath the surface of the earth but any other terrestrial planet as well. Obviously all igneous rock is formed from magma. Magma is capable of intrusion into rocks near by under the earth’s crust. It’s also capable of penetrating the earth’s crust, well known as lava. Three things distinguish the melting of solid rock into magma. Temperature is an obvious physical need to melt a rock. Any temperature past the “solidus” will cause a rock to melt. Pressure is another key component. Decompression melting is when a rock rises through the solid earth. Composition is the final component as to whether a rock will melt. It’s the basic control as to whether a rock will melt or not. From this article, I learned about the two step process of weathering and then transporting and sorting to form sedimentary rocks. I found the second part of
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