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2007.10.22 - The 1850s and the Gathering Storm

2007.10.22 - The 1850s and the Gathering Storm - [THE 1850S...

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[ THE 1850S & THE “GATHERING STORM” ] History 150 · Discussion 304 · Hughes October 22, 2007 Q UESTIONS FOR THE U N ITED S TATES - W HAT SHOULD BE THE FATE OF THE M EXICAN T ERRITORIES , SLAVERY OR NOT ? - H OW TO KEEP LAW IN THE C ALIFORNIA G OLD F IELDS - H OW TO FIX THE T EXAS B OUNDARY S TEPHEN D OUGLAS - F REE S OIL IS BASICALLY GOING AGAINST THE “S OUTHERN R IGHTS M OVEMENT - THE F REE SOILERS WANT THE M EXICAN TERRITORIES TO BE FREE , AND THE S OUTH , OBVIOUSLY , WANTS SLAVERY - S TEPHEN D OUGLAS MENTIONS “P OPULAR S OVEREIGNTY - LET THE TERRITORIES BE SETTLED , THEN ALLOW THE SETTLERS TO DECIDE ON WHETHER OR NOT SLAVERY WILL TAKE PLACE - THIS WAS PART OF THE C OMPROMISE OF 1850 T HE T I MEL INE - 1850 - “Compromise,” including Fugitive Slave Law - California is immediately admitted as a free state, without applying for territory - The rest of the territories taken from Mexico are divided into territories - there is no free soil there, or southern rights, they will leave it open to popular sovereignty - the Texas boundary was settled and the US assumes all of Texas’ debt in order to make Texas give up their claims on the Santa Fe territory - because of this compromise, both sides (free soil and south) feel that they got a raw deal - the Free Soilers cannot believe that some territories could “become” slave-states with popular sovereignty - the Southern slave-holders cannot believe that California is admitted as a free state -
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