2007.10.24 - To Secession

2007.10.24 - To Secession - [ TO SECESSION ] History 150...

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Unformatted text preview: [ TO SECESSION ] History 150 Discussion 304 Hughes October 24, 2007 R EPUBLICANS E MERGE- Whigs, FSP, Know-Nothings, Anti-Slavery Democrats- Free soil, any new land should be free of slavery- it does not say we will abolish slavery, it just wants to prohibit slavery from where it has never been- people can continue to own and even trade slaves where it was already accepted- this is a very moderate form of anti-slavery- most Republicans would rather say, were not here to talk about racial equality, were here to talk about what is best for the white American, wand whats best for the white American is not competing with slave-labor- South thinks of Republicans as trying to destroy slavery, and remove it completely, to bring a kind of Haitian Revolt on them- the Pro-Slavery people dont think that proving that Blacks are not inferior is a sufficient argument to end slavery- the Pro-Slavery just say, well nobody thinks that women deserve the same rights as white men, even though we they are not considered inferior- it was outlandish to think that women deserve the right to vote, its just crazy- to the South, Republicans were simply Abolitionists wearing a happy face- the election of 1856 must have scared the hell out of the South, because the Republicans only needed a few more states, and they would have owned the presidency in 1856- Southern Democrats needed Northern support to survive, and they had it in Stephen Douglas, but not anymore- the South loses Douglas because of the LeCompton Constitution, Douglas saw it as a...
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2007.10.24 - To Secession - [ TO SECESSION ] History 150...

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