2007.10.29 - Homefronts

2007.10.29 - Homefronts - [ HO MEFRONTS ] H istory 150 ·...

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Unformatted text preview: [ HO MEFRONTS ] H istory 150 · Discussion 304 · Hughes October 29, 2007 M I L T A R Y C H A L L E N G ES , 1862- Union- many people in the Union believed this to be a short war- Confederates believed the same- many in the Union believed the Confederates would fold under Union pressure- in the East, every attempt that the Union made to take Richmond failed- in the West, Union successfully occupies New Orleans, but in pretty short order, everything get stuck- there is a devastating battle in Shiloh, Tennessee, 1 year into the war- 20,000 die, this makes it clear the war will not be short- the Union’s Government was not prepared for this war U N I O N H O M E F R O N T- Federal Budget, 1860-1861: 67 million/year- this was what was originally planned- the Union government was not prepared- the original Continental Army was 5,000 men- the battle of Shiloh took 20,000 men alone- 1865: 4 million/day- Financing the war- There is no central bank- banking is concentrated in the Northeast- all of these state chartered banks issue their own currency...
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This note was uploaded on 03/31/2008 for the course HIST 150 taught by Professor Kantrowitz during the Winter '07 term at Wisconsin.

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2007.10.29 - Homefronts - [ HO MEFRONTS ] H istory 150 ·...

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