notes 11-19 - PLS 140 Comparing countries o UK...

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PLS 140 11/19/07 Comparing countries o UK – Parliamentary, Bicameral, SMD-Plurality, two party, unitary, common law, no judicial review. o France – semi-pres, bicameral, SMD-Majority Runoff, multiparty, unitary, code law, judicial review. o Germany- parliamentary, bicameral, mixed, multiparty, federal, code law, judicial review. Electoral System o President is elected by popular vote to five year terms using majority runoff. No term limit. o Members of senate (senat) are elected by indirect vote to 9 year terms. Local gov’t officials are electors. o Members of national assembly are elected by popular vote under single member majority o Head of state Nicolas Sarcozy serves a 5 year term, head of UMP (conservative party). Law and order, economic revitalization, friendlier to US. Directly elected since 1962. o Prime Minister, Francois Fillon (also UMP) can issue decrees but subject to conditions set by council of state (admin court). Basically, laws passed by parliament, and PM= chief executive. o
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notes 11-19 - PLS 140 Comparing countries o UK...

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