reading questions - prelim #1

reading questions - prelim #1 - Reis Collins(2004 1 Why is...

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1. Why is it important to consider relationship contexts in the study of basic psychological processes (e.g, cognition, emotion and development)? 2. What central assumptions have been made in past research on the social cognition of strangers, intrapersonal emotions, or the role of temperament in the long-term implications of attachment security and what, in light of relationship research, is wrong with these assumptions? Bowlby (1988) 1. What is attachment, and what does it "look like" in healthy individuals? 2. What are some ways in which early attachment characteristics, healthy and unhealthy, can affect personality development? Wright (1997) 1. Why does Wright think that sleeping with an infant is more natural than having the infant sleep alone? 2. How does this relate to Bowlby's view of the function of the attachment system? Hofer (2006) 1. What is the typical behavioral pattern of an offspring experiencing early separation? 2. How does manipulating each of the three biological systems affected by separation (nutrient, thermal/metabolic, sensorimotor) mitigate this pattern in rats? 3. What is the evidence that these systems are interdependent with the attachment system,
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reading questions - prelim #1 - Reis Collins(2004 1 Why is...

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