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reading thought questions-2 prelim 2

reading thought questions-2 prelim 2 - differences in...

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Eisenberger et al. (2003) 1. Do you think the choice of task to test the brain bases of social pain was a good test? 2. What do these results suggest, if anything, for the role of attachment-like behavior across the life- course? Andersen & Berk (1998) 1. What are some of the mechanisms suggested by experimental research on the occurrence of transference? 2. What is the assumption underlying transference work and do you think it is valid? Why or why not? Harris (2004) 1. What are some alternative explanations offered by the author to the idea of innate modules in sex
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Unformatted text preview: differences in jealousy? 2. What evidence does she provide in support of the alternative model? Drigotas & Barta (2001) 1. What are the various approaches to the study of infidelity? 2. How are these approaches similar and different? Garver-Apgar et al. (2006) 1. What is the role of MHC in women's sexual behavior? In men's? 2. What is the proposed mechanism for the relation between MHC and sexuality?...
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