prelim 2 studies

prelim 2 studies - Fletcher et al(2004 What are the sex...

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What are the sex differences in preferences for warm/trustworthiness, status/resources, and attractiveness/vitality? o Men – Prefer attractiveness/vitality more regardless of length of relationship. Prefer attractive partner w/ low status more than women. Prefer cold/attractive person for short-term fling more than women. o Women – Prefer warm/trustworthiness over status/resources in long term relationships. Prefer status/resources more than men. Similarities… o Both chose positive levels of warmth/trustworthiness regardless of relationship context. o Casual date didn’t have many sex differences; preferred attractive over any other quality. o Both chose warm/unattractive person over cold/attractive person in long-term relationship. Does the data presented support parental investment theory w/ regards to women’s short-term preferences? o No, the attractive/cold person is favored, implying good gene theory. 3 mate criteria factors and relevance to each gender. o Warm/Trustworthiness Men: Rated as top priority in study 1, chose at least 60% of the time over status/resources Women: Placed greater importance on, ranked as top priority, preferred over status/resources Importance diminished when referring to short-term relationship o Status/Resources Women: Put more importance on this especially in the long-term context Men: Ranked lowest, had no preference for positive status/resources, and even less in the long-term context Didn’t matter for short term context really at all o Attractiveness/Vitality Men: Of greater importance, decreases in long-term context, and increases in short-term context. Women: 2 nd most important in short-term context, last in long-term context No sex differences in casual date o Rankings Men Women Short Term Attractive Warm Warm Attractive Status Status Long-Term Warm Warm Attractive Status Status Attractive Buss (1994) Sexual Strategies Theory o Men want as many partners as possible who are young, healthy, and attractive (all signs of fertility) o Women want one or few partners that have resources Hypothesis #4 and #5 o Hypothesis 4: Men seeking a short-term mate will solve the problem of identifying fertile women o Hypothesis 5: Men seeking a long-term mate will solve the problem of identifying reproductively valuable women. o Fertility: Probability that a women is currently able to conceive a child o Reproductive Value: Unites of expected future reproduction. The extent to which people of a given age and sex will contribute to the ancestry of future generations o 14 yr old girl has higher reproductive value, but 24 yr old woman is more fertile. o
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prelim 2 studies - Fletcher et al(2004 What are the sex...

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