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Controversial Issue- Final Rhetoric Paper

Controversial Issue- Final Rhetoric Paper - Lauren...

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Lauren Napolitano December 14 th , 2007 Final Rhetoric Paper Relaxation, alertness, and losing weight are only three of the several benefits nicotine has. Some smokers even claim that smoking puts them in a euphoric state that calms them and better enables them to deal with everyday life. There are many reasons why people pick up smoking as a daily habit. However, since it has such harsh long-term effects, the habit is widely frowned upon throughout society. More recently legislation across the country has begun to put limits on where people should be allowed to smoke. It has been banned in the restaurants, workplaces, and bars of numerous states so far, and this banning trend will only continue to spread. Banning smoking on college campuses has also come into question lately. Most colleges have not ruled it out completely, but have placed bans on specific buildings as well as dormitories. It is unrealistic to force someone to withstand brutal conditions because another person does not agree with a life choice. Smoking bans on college campuses are a violation of basic civil rights and the freedom upon which this country is based. Americans have the right to choose to participate in certain activities, even if these activities have great risk. Some examples of activities with possible fatal results are skydiving, snowmobiling or base jumping. However, the government has not placed such outrageous restrictions on these pastimes. Students who are smokers and live on college campuses are finding it particularly hard to comply with smoking restrictions. Some critics of the smoking bans question whether or not these laws are fair or even enforceable. In the USA Today article, “Students face more smoking limits”, Michael
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Toch, a 23 year old theatre major is quoted as stating “maybe the pendulum has swung too far the other way,” while on a smoke break outside a classroom building in subfreezing temperatures (Canfield 1). Toch makes reference to the smoking ban law as this ‘pendulum’ that has become too extreme. It is not a university’s job to tell the students that they cannot smoke. A university is a place where people often go to “find themselves”. For some people, smoking is involved in this process whether they just try it or become addicted. How can a university decide which part of the non-educational learning is acceptable? Smoking, although widely disapproved of, is more than just a habit for some people. Many student smokers claim that smoking is essential to help them learn.
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Controversial Issue- Final Rhetoric Paper - Lauren...

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