ENGL 120 1-23

ENGL 120 1-23 - Art hides itself Dialouge suggests...

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01/23/08 Art hides itself Dialouge suggests philosophical issues can be addressed through graceful conversation Move to dialogue understood as a master instructing students about the highest possible reason Spezzatura=praxis=practical Bembo – Gnosis Introduced with paradox Paradox is fundamentally at odds with decorum Only the old can be a good lover True love is the only true form of heroism Love involves us in an aggressive struggle against our enemies (body and earthly desire) Central metaphor: Ladder of Love Derived from Symposium by Plato Love is the mechanism Ladder Continuity and division Must start at bottom (body) Leave the previous stage behind Rungs 1 st : sensual experience (a kiss) True love does not require the physical presence of the body 2 nd : Imagination/ Fancy Extracts an image of the beloved from an experience with the beloved Love has already sundered us from the body 3 rd : Reason Converts individual image into a universal conception 4 th : Superrational Most direct experience of the divine
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ENGL 120 1-23 - Art hides itself Dialouge suggests...

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