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ENGL 120 3-26 - Andrew Marvell speaking on Parliament side...

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ENGL 1642-1660 English History Leading up, England experience inward divisiveness over religion and politics Charles I used royal authority in novel (borderline tyrannical) ways Disbanded Parliament Ruled without Parliament for 11 years Religious divisions festering How far the monarch could extend royal authority against rights of Parliament To what extent conformity to English church could be forced on individual consciouses 1642: Charles I declared war on own people Six years of civil war (1642-1648) Put on trial for crimes against his own people 1649: Charles I convicted of crimes against people and beheaded Monarchy itself disestablished and created a Common Wealth 1654-1658: Protectorate 1660: Restoration
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Unformatted text preview: Andrew Marvell speaking on Parliament side of things The cause of liberty was too good to have fought for in the Civil War Poetry always situated in a fallen world Humans long for ideals dear to them Ideals examined skeptically Means compromise the ends Wants to try every poetic genre available to him “The Garden” Ambition is in vain Speaker addressing world from Edenic ease No women in his garden Objects to carving names in trees Selfish, ambition Pride Argument against human sexuality Models of the mind Bacon: The enchanted glass Mind as a microcosm Create a world that is higher than the world in which we live Qualities World of correspondence is also a world of influence...
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