English 120 2-11

English 120 2-11 - Good angel experienced as a buzz in the...

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Dr. Faustus Why Magic? Divine in show”: already has doctorate in theology Profess: what to pursue as a vocation Aristotle: “sweet analytic” (a work by Aristotle that pertains to logic) Why start with logic: starting with the art of how to reason well Epistemology Goes from rules that govern language and meaning goes to medicine Medicine: bring him fame & wealth; involves serious learning in Greek and Latin Aphorism: a principle summarized in a pithy fashion Not happy because stops at the body Already done that Can’t make immortal Law is too restrictive Theology deals with loftiest ideas and truth Comes back to death Quotes half a Biblical verse: misses the grace of God gives eternal life Can’t read because of despair Means of salvation Bible Good and the Bad angels
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Unformatted text preview: Good angel experienced as a buzz in the ear Despair is very powerful Works Grace Nature Calvinist? Faustus chosen out by God to be damned? Harden-heart: can not, unable to accept What is Magic? Incredible events without God’s backing Can use spirits to make it look like Helen of Troy is in the room Worldly, stately power Has power over the Pope Books…wants to know things ordinary human logic/reason can’t know Result: power, honor, omnipotence Divine like knowledge of nature Manipulation of the natural elements by means of spirits Ritual Needs to know language, minerals, astrology Forces above same as though of below Language That’s what makes something happen Theology? Human Agency Poetry-Drama?...
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English 120 2-11 - Good angel experienced as a buzz in the...

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