Iss 315 midterm study guide

Iss 315 midterm study guide - GLOBAL DIVERSITY AND...

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GLOBAL DIVERSITY AND INTERDEPENDENCE ISS 315, Spring 2006 Study Guide: Mid-Term Exam 0. Inequality: 0. Openness to trade and investment growth and poverty reduction reduction of global inequality 1. Lack of openness increases inequality between nations economic development as a process by which traditional societies become more complex and differentiated 1. The assumptions of the neoliberal ideology include: 2. Sustained economic growth 3. Free markets 4. Economic globalization 5. Privatization 6. Government to provide the infrastructure necessary to advance commerce and enforce the rule of law with respect to property rights and contracts 0. Women bear a larger share of the burden of world poverty, a situation called double deprivation 0. The ancient states existed to protect the privileges of the elites 0. Ensuring production of resources 1. Protecting the elites 2. Extracting surplus wealth from the a largely peasant population 1. Other roles of states included: 3. Taxes 4. Production of money 5. Establishing standards for weights and measures 6. Protecting the movements of merchants and goods Constructing the Nation-State 2. Wallerstein argues that: It protects capitalists from a “free market,” i.e. one that allows easy entrance of competitors 3. Globalization: An Introduction Define globalization - a process where by the world becomes increacingly interconnected politically, culturally, socially and ecconomically Understand the implications of globalization
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o not simply a matter of economics but a process creating worldwide changes that have uneven effects along the lines of race, gender and international boundaries Understand the various dimensions of globalization o Corperate restructuring (mergergers and outscourcing) causes: Decentralization of production, and concentration of economic power o Technology (has made the world smaller) Data storage, communication and transportation make the world much smaller o Changing work structure (decline in security due to corperate restructuring) Work security has declined as a result of corperate restructureing… there is more: Downsizing, Outsourcing, Contingent work, Work rules Temporary work, Part-time work, Casual work, Home-based work - also there is less: Work representation (Labor unions have lost their power) Health, pensions, and other social benefits have declined o Movement of people Demand for a mobile labor force has accelerated immigration, women moving to core countries to work as nannies, maids and sex workers are emphasized. Movement to support families in other places also emphasized o Global institutions WTO, world bank, IMF play a large role o Governance (loss of soverignty) Local governments loose sovriegnty to international organizations and corporations because they fear outscourcing and flight of capital Economic, political, and cultural change is beyond the control of any national government o Permeable boarders – (geographic and political boarders)
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Iss 315 midterm study guide - GLOBAL DIVERSITY AND...

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