exp05 - Chemicals in Everyday Life Experiment#5 xxxx...

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Chemicals in Everyday Life Experiment #5 xxxx 10/19/2006 Section x
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The purpose of this lab was to correctly label each household substance, when given ten different unknown materials. This had to be done using various chemical properties and chemical tests. Experimental Methods In this lab, ten different unknown substances were given, and each had to be given its correct name. In order to do this, a list of eight chemical tests was used. Since only one or two substances tested positive for each test, a grid was used to correctly identify each one. The test order was 1. Solubility 2. pH 3. UV 4. Barium 5. Sulfuric 6. Starch 7. Biuret 8. Ag + The list of substances was 1. Table Salt 2. Granular Sugar 3. Confectionery Sugar 4. Baking Soda 5. Corn Starch 6. Talcum Powder 7. Laundry Detergent 8. Epson Salt 9. Powdered Milk 10. Flour For detailed information on each one of the tests, refer to the lab instructions. In order to begin, the ten different substances were massed to be .100 g. Each was put into a test tube with 1 ml of distilled water. Then, the tests for each material were performed. Any test that came up positive was recorded in the table in the lab notebook. After doing this, the table in the notebook was compared to the actual table that detailed the properties for each substance. Both tables were searched for matches, and eventually every substance was identified. For the table that was used for comparison, also refer to the lab instructions. Data and Observations
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exp05 - Chemicals in Everyday Life Experiment#5 xxxx...

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