exp08 - Molecular Models Experiment #8 (Formerly #7) xxxxx...

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Molecular Models Experiment #8 (Formerly #7) xxxxx Section x 11/2/06
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Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to explore the shapes and orientations of various molecules. This was doing by using the VSEPR models along with the Lewis Dot Structures, polarity, and bond angles of the various samples. Experimental Methods: In order to perform this lab, very little set-up was necessary. The molecular geometries were studied so the only items that needed to be on hand for the lab was the periodic table, the textbook, and the lab instructions. For each molecule the following need to be found: the Lewis Structure, # of atoms bound to central atom, # of nonbonding electron pairs, steric number, geometric family, VSEPR sketch, Molecular Geometry, Bond angles, and molecular polarity. Part B of the lab used Molecular Modeling Software. This was used to analyze a molecule that would otherwise be a bit too complicated to be able to draw. Bond angles and hybridizations were found using this software. For more
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exp08 - Molecular Models Experiment #8 (Formerly #7) xxxxx...

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