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1/28/2008 Definitions Politics : using power to get people to do things they would not otherwise do International politics : politics in the absence of common sovereign (i.e. anarchy) Sovereign state : organization that •Recognizes no higher authority •Claims sole legitimate right to use violence within geographic area •(Ability to enforce right to sovereignty) •(Other nations recognition of claim to sovereignty) Anarchy : no central power over all units ≠chaos, violence ≠absence of rules Domestic vs. International Politics 1. How force is used: central authority (domestic) vs. self-help (international) •Domestic-force last resort •International-force in foreground 2. Lack of subjective sense of collective community •Common goals, moral obligation to each other •Sense of community disappears quickly after crossing of national boundaries 3. Longevity of disputes •Domestic- disputes end when individuals die •International- states do not (often) die so disputes have to limit on duration. No logical stopping point. Why should we care about International Politics? Do Americans have fewer reasons to care than other nationals? A. Geography: no fear of invasion B. Political Culture •US formed by separating from Europe – political bias against involvement w/other countries – deep-seated isolationism 1. Results: •Hard to get US into war -WW1-Wilson wanted US in war. Churchill arranges Lucitania to steer into British waters where it was sunk. America angry but remains out of war, Zimmerman telegram: Germany attempts to contact Mexico and arrange an alliance. -WW2-Roosevelt wanted US in war on behalf of Britain – America First Movement (lobby group) – pearl harbour was turning point. -Vietnam-Johnson (accidentally?) gulf of tonkin •Americans need strong moral justifications -“We’re going to make the world safe for democracy”- Wilson -European leaders justify Kuwait, Iraw in 1990 by oil – cannot allow middle eastern countries to take control of Persian gulf oil supply -Bush Sr.-“ending tyranny in the world”
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General reasons to care about international politics 1. Economic interdependence (globalization) •financial wellbeing 2. Global environment •problems need multilateral cooperation, cannot be solved with unilateralism 3. Can be hazardous to your health
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IntRelNoteA - Definitions Politics using power to get...

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