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2/4/2008 Isolationism: policy of noninvolvement in political crises Sources: Washington -Temporary alliances -To protect vital American interests (security) -Economic goals -Protect independence (economic and sovereignty) Policy Results Monroe Doctrine (also first assertion of hegemonic power) Focus on commerce Failure to join League of Nations Exit clauses in treaties Demobilization Manifest destiny: US divine right to expand (first geographically then ideologically) Sources: Winthrop (preacher/governor of Mass. Bay colony) “City on a Hill” beacon of light
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Unformatted text preview: Religious rhetoric – doing God’s work American exceptionalism On par with Rome Racism Racism fueled manifest destiny and vice versa Policy Results: Hegemony (spheres of influence) Spanish American War-Gains Cuba, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam-Keep Philippines as protectorate Platt Amendment-In Cuban constitution-Forces Cuban government to allow US military intervention if Cuban actions negatively affect US economic interests Acquisition of Territory Emphasis on Principles-Rhetoric-Reason to go to war “Mission” of democratization...
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