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Strong pg - Sex Ed Abstinence Should sex ed teach about...

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Sex Ed & Abstinence  09/02/2008 22:52:00 Should sex ed. teach about abstinence ?                               YES Should teach a model of abstinence Abstinence = avoiding sex… BUT what is sex?                                NO Framing has made the term educationally  useless, too volatile  Come to mean no sex until marriage = religious
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Strong pg. 1-32 09/02/2008 22:52:00 Sexuality, Popular Culture, & the Media Much of sexuality is influenced & shaped by popular culture o Media Portrayals of Sexuality Frequent & Explicit Meant to entertain & exploit Music Sexually suggestive lyrics, images, and dances in music Magazines- Men; Playboy & Penthouse Women; Cosmopolitan & Redbook Internet-video/chat, porn Advertsing Sexual sell; buying sex, romance, popularity, & fulfillment o Sex on TV TV= one of the most pervasive/influential mediums Helps form our perceptions with stereotypes and reinforcements  of norms.
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